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BIM in Sweden

Nordic Builder’s Panel: How Sweden will work with BIM

National flag of Sweden
National flag of Sweden

How do we ensure proper use of BIM tools and ISO 19650 certification in the building industry. We’ve asked the four Nordic countries, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Here are ideas from Sweden by Kurt Löwnertz, Standardization Coordinator, Bimalliance.se. To read the answers from the 3 other markets please find the links below this article.

How do we ensure that the building industry use BIM tools more uniformly?

Standards are of course enablers. The present framework/ generic standards also need to be complemented by specifications supporting the various use cases with e.g. model view definitions. Other important activities aim to improve the base level of common understanding and awareness of these standards among all actors to accomplish high quality information requirements as well as production and use of the information.

Do you, as an association, see benefits in members being ISO-19650 certified?

We believe BIM certifications (whether ISO 19650 or other specifications) will have a positive role in encouraging companies and individuals to build competence and develop BIM, using standards to enhance processes and model usability. When it comes to ISO 19650, it is still a new standard, implementation and certification procedures are not established, so we follow the development and market demands.

In ten years, will your specific country be primarily digital building projects?

Yes, certainly. We are already well on the way, using BIM in the majority of projects. The development in coming years will focus on realizing all the potential benefits of BIM, across the different use cases and to all actors along the lifecycle of the built environment. We are now mainly using BIM for efficient production, but the huge benefits will appear when BIM becomes part of the digital twin.

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