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BIM in Denmark

Nordic Builder’s Panel: How Denmark will work with BIM

Danish national flag
Danish national flag

Jakob Diget Møller

Senior Consultant, Danish Construction Association

How do we ensure proper use of BIM tools and ISO 19650 certification in the building industry. We’ve asked the four Nordic countries, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Here are ideas from Denmark by Jakob Diget Møller, Senior Consultant, Danish Construction Association. To read the answers from the 3 other markets please find the links below this article.

How do we ensure that the building industry use BIM tools more uniformly ?

The conditions for using BIM tools uniformly are that we have agreeable clear and explicit success criteria. This is no small feat.

How do you define success criteria for BIM usage in terms of a great design for end user? How do you define success criteria for usage in terms of public Tenders of building assignments? How do you define success criteria for usage on building site? To do this, we need to create standards that support working methods, which leads to the milestones to be reached.

Do you, as an association, see benefits in members being ISO-19650 certified?

Our members are primarily entrepreneurs and master craftsmen, who in most cases participate in the receiving end of the project material. This material is still handed out as drawings and descriptions – only rarely as BIM models.

Seen in that perspective, the ISO-19650 seem irrelevant, but in the extent that it supports business, we will of course encourage our members to be certified.

In ten years, will your specific country be primarily digital building projects?

This is hopefully the future. BIM is being used more and more throughout architectural design offices and at consulting engineering level – at least in the design phases.

And we will, hopefully, have sorted the legal aspects in near future, ensuring that handing over BIM models from design phase to execution phase (and Facility Management phase) will be a rule of thumb rather than the exception.

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