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BIM in Norway

Nordic Builder’s Panel: How Norway will work with BIM

National flag of Norway
National flag of Norway

Per Fredrik Kempf

Deparment Manager at Bygg og Bolig

How do we ensure proper use of BIM tools and ISO 19650 certification in the building industry. We’ve asked the four Nordic countries, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Here are ideas from Norway by Per Fredrik Kempf, Deparment Manager at Bygg og Bolig. To read the answers from the 3 other markets please find the links below this article.

How do we ensure that the building industry use BIM tools more uniformly?

In Norway, all the large and medium-sized entrepreneurs have incorporated routines for using BIM. Most have created a BIM strategy and prepared BIM manuals. They use VDC and ICE meetings as methodology in which involved planning with all the parties involved. Now working to create control points to be used in Solibri. In the future, all projects will start in early phase with parametric design and further through BIM to a digital twin used during the operating phase.

Do you, as an association, see benefits in members being ISO-19650 certified?

We as an industry association see that in the long term it is beneficial for our members to implement ISO-19650 as the overall standard. This will mean that the industry has a common standard to deal with which can be a useful aid.

In ten years, will your specific country be primarily digital building projects?

Over the next few years, the digital world that our members work in will change sharply. I think we are now only at the beginning of the digital journey. New open standards will arise that will be used in several new contexts. The digital will probably take over a number of work tasks that several of the consultants have had in the future. AR and VR will be a natural part of the future construction industry.

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